Challenging the traditional approach to market research

In the world of the always-on, connected consumer, you need a special kind of agency to help you deliver the right experience to your audience. Brass Insight works in an innovative and agile way, with senior researchers and marketing specialists, to unearth truly impactful insights.

The digital revolution has changed how consumers live their lives - from connectivity, through perceptions of convenience, to interpretation of loyalty.

Therefore we must adapt in the way we approach obtaining, understanding, and activating insights. We’ve defined a number of core areas that underpin this philosophy.


Experience design thinking helps us frame the needs of the brand.

Traditional consumer journey models don’t necessarily work so well in today’s non-linear world of always-on, always open. Conventional business models have been turned on their heads, by organisations employing experience design thinking. We do the same too. Every facet of our approach to insight has the brand, and its consumer experience, at its heart.

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People are the lifeblood of an organisation, and the core of meaningful insight.

We work in an agile way, with highly experienced researchers and marketers; from statisticians to semioticians. Our ethos allows us to remain flexible for our clients, using the right people, for the right project, for the right organisation. Trusted expertise at every stage of the journey.

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Listening and challenging

A love of problem solving is key to delivering meaningful insights.

We’re always listening. We listen to our clients. We listen to consumers. We listen to peers. Doing so helps us ensure we’re always challenging the norms in the market. From using innovative approaches, to having an independent opinion on the business impact of our work; we’re always seeking to add genuine value for our clients.

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Impact is everything when it comes to driving change.

The focus should always be on the story – a concise, commercially orientated message. But delivery is also important. We work with our in-house collective of brand and creative experts to deliver outputs in a powerful way – one which can live on within your business. Substance and style.

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Every brief is an opportunity for organisational change.

Our approach comes from years of experience in delivering genuinely impactful research and insight. There are no off-the-shelf approaches here. Whether your needs are qualitative or quantitative, we build our approach in response to your unique objectives. Below are some of the ways we can help your business get closer to your key audiences:


Whether it’s a consumer ready NPD concept, or just the seeds of a creative idea, we can provide a solution to help your business innovate with confidence.



Consumer experience

We’re experts in user / consumer experience testing, building programmes to help you map journeys and develop strategies to acquire and retain customers.




From category reviews to U&A studies. Pack and promotion evaluation to consumer segmentation. We can provide strategic and tactical insight to drive your brand.




Using insight to leverage competitive advantage. U&A studies, customer closeness programmes, marketplace segmentation, and category / trend reviews can inspire change and drive strong ROI.




The Brass Insight team are part of a dedicated group of brand planning experts. We can draw upon this experience to ensure our insights develop your brand and communications in the most effective way.




Brass is a full service agency, which can draw on expert thinking to activate (or support) marketing activity after insight generation. Whatever your needs, we are there for you beyond the insight debrief.



And we're experts across qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including...

QualitativeCreative, with a digital focus

  • UX testing
  • Digital Hubs
  • Communities
  • Online groups/forums
  • Depth interviews
  • Accompanied shopping
  • Immersion days
  • Ethnographic approaches
  • Focus groups
  • Co-creation
  • Innovation workshops
  • Customer closeness

QuantitativeInnovative approaches, engaging delivery

  • Usage and attitudes
  • Customer experience
  • Creative NPD testing
  • Segmentation
  • Brand tracking
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Market sizing
  • Employee engagement
  • Infographic production

If this approach sounds right up your street or even if you just want to know more, get in touch with Ruth to arrange to call or visit.

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