Our mobile philosophy

Experiences based on behaviour and technology, not screen size.

The mobile consumer isn’t ‘new’ anymore. In the near decade since the iPhone, brands have gone from delivering quirky interactions to services that seamlessly fit into consumer’s lives, whenever and wherever they need them. The best mobile communications forget the screen, and even the device to focus on when the user needs your services – then delivers that in the most convenient way possible via an app, a mobile website or even a chatbot.

Our philosophy is to create omni-present solutions that exploit mobile behaviour and mobile specific technology to improve, augment and anticipate consumer needs and desires.

This demands new ways of thinking, planning and delivery. We believe that we look at mobile differently and have defined two core areas that mean we can deliver this approach for our clients;

Smarter devices

Using intelligent devices to deliver seamless user experience

As mobile technology improves we become ever more connected to our devices. Our phones know more about us and our behaviour than traditional platforms or media ever can.

  • Biometric authentication allows for secure sign in and provides detailed health and wellbeing statistical data personalised to the user.
  • Proximity and location give us the tools and insight to change behaviour or enhance experience with digital content in context of where the user is.
  • The camera is no longer just a tool for capturing photos or images, it’s a visual search tool that can change the way you see the world.
  • Mobile UX is more than making sure your pixels are perfectly positioned, it can combine physical motion, pressure and gestures to give users experiences that are seamless to their everyday.

We  consider all of these aspects throughout all of our mobile projects to develop, build, prototype and test solutions that are individual-centric. Be that from the ground-up when devising a new experience or if we’ve picked up an existing app that is in need of some strategic expertise.

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Smarter world

Harnessing technological advances to shift mobile behaviour and better serve consumers

It’s an exciting and confusing time to be a consumer, around every corner there is a new technology and a new way of connecting. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with but monitoring this shifting landscape is important to ensure our thinking is current and relevant to the consumer

  • Connectivity. When the world is geared up to receive 5G the consumers expectation for immediacy will be heightened. If it’s not delivered in time, in context, in situ it won’t matter you’re already too late.
  • Search. Our team of search specialists won’t be out of a job when Google inevitably indexes apps over websites, they’ll use their years of knowledge to ensure your app is visible and too.
  • Customer service. It’s no longer about delivering offers or stamping your loyalty card – true ‘customer service’ understands you have to give the users the tools to help them when and where they need it the most.
  • Data and machine learning will affect the way brands make decisions about their consumers and from this brands will make smarter decisions supported by real data about their mobile strategy.

We combine this knowledge to shape mobile strategies that are ready for now and anticipate the future. From stand-alone mobile experiences to shaping entire business models through mobile, we create better and bolder solutions for you.

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We haven't just decided to think this way

If you’ve got a minute keep reading to see our seven key mobile insights of the moment that we believe are driving the mobile agenda.

Brilliant basics

Convenience (48%), security (46%), and speed (42%) are the most common elements of a good mobile experience for consumers.


Don’t make it difficult

We’re heading toward an age of assistance where, for marketers, friction will mean failure, and mass messages will increasingly mean “move on.”


Phones for thought

91% of phone users turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task.


Mobile only, not mobile first

Eight in ten consumers (80%) report that the mobile experience is now a priority consideration when deciding when to make a purchase


I am not a number

Applying the personal touch at scale is becoming a necessity rather than a ‘nice-to-have’.


Rewarding behaviour

When it comes to customer loyalty you have to ensure you’re changing behaviour and improving lives, not just offering a reward.


Safe and sound

More than 1bn devices will incorporate fingerprint readers in 2017. Devices are safer than ever and that builds trust with consumers.


If this approach sounds right up your street or even if you’re just interested to know more, get in touch with Ruth to arrange to call or visit.

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