Our Digital Philosophy

Designing and activating consumer experiences in a digital world

Really great marketing and communications always have the consumer at their heart. The wants, needs and dreams of the consumer and how they live their lives day-to-day, minute-to-minute. The digital revolution has changed how consumers live and therefore how marketing works. Old-style planning models based on linear consumer journeys and conversion funnels fall apart in the always-on, in-the-now digital world.

Our philosophy is to create always-on, connected digital experiences that enhance consumer joy and build preference and loyalty.

This demands new ways of thinking, planning and delivery so we’ve defined three core areas that help us realise this philosophy for our clients;


Getting people to the right thing at the right time

We used to call this ‘media planning and buying’ but today’s world is more complex mixing paid media with Organic Search, Social, Display, PR and Influencer marketing. We start by finding audiences – not just demographics. We build audiences and segments of people who need your product, who will have an affinity for your message and who want to buy. Then we devise systems of content that hit the right frequency and deliver the right message at the right time.

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Creating an emotional connection and direct relationship

We make amazing stuff, we tell stories and we make people care. You may call it advertising or content marketing – your audience just call it good or bad. Our creative and content teams excel at telling great, powerful, funny and relatable stories that make people care more and build an on-going connection with your audience.

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Developing frictionless journeys and shaping business models

Web design, app design, bot design, UX design – we do it all.  But we really excel when we put the consumer experience at the heart of our planning. We design holistically across all channels and devices to create seamless, frictionless experiences to ultimately shift how consumers engage with brands.

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We haven’t just decided to think this way

Our point of view based on years of experience in digital but also by tuning into the macro and micro trends happening in consumer behaviour.  Below are five trends that are driving our thinking about the world of digital.  Take a look, it’ll only take a minute.

Right place, right time, right stuff

Audiences are everywhere, at all times, meaning so are the opportunities. We have great insight tools and great brains to make sure we know what, when and where.


Mobile now dominates web traffic.

“For the content snacking generation; video is now starter, main & dessert.”

Ogilvy Trends 2017

Attitudes beat demographics

A move to audiences grouped by behaviour rather than demographic means we need to target by attitude. When you say “Our target audience is cat lovers who have a can-do attitude to life”, we say “We’ve found them – let’s go”


Deliver Dopamine

In an uncertain world content has to do much more than answer a question it must be connect with people on a human level. Usefulness isn’t enough – content must make you feel…better, happier more alive.


Touchy Feely

Technology is outperforming tradition user experiences. What’s the point in delivering great content and surrounding it by a clunky interface. You wouldn’t give someone a diamond ring in a carrier bag and consumer won’t say “yes”.


“Instead of the commercial, be the show. Instead of the banner ad, be the feature story”

James O’Brian – Mashable

Don’t forget me

We live in a ‘zero wait state’. Consumers want speed and there expect to be remembers wherever they go. Seriously – don’t ever not recognise them. When they visit provide slippers and their favourite chair.


Use segmented audiences and personalise content to really drive relevance and stand out. Personalise content and offers based on consumer data.  

If this approach sounds right up your street or even if you’re just interested to know more, get in touch with Ruth to arrange to call or visit.

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