We are constantly curious about the world

In a world where consumers are always switched-on and more connected than ever, every moment is an opportunity for brands to intercept, engage and build a relationship with a person. At Brass, we put your audience at the heart of our thinking, then design and deliver the right experience to enable your brand to connect with and influence them.

We are a special kind of agency made up of creative and strategic thinkers from all marketing backgrounds – digital, shopper, social, search, branding, advertising, mobile and media. No matter who or where your audience is, we have all the right people working together to create just the right experience for them.


We do this by focusing our efforts around three areas


Getting the right people, to the right thing, at the right time.

This is owned, earned and paid media covering everything from Search and PR to Retailer Activation all in the framework of smart targeting and cutting edge programmatic technology.


Creating an emotional connection and direct relationship.

Sometimes this will look like a traditional advert, sometimes a short film, an article, a game or a real world (or virtual) experience. It’s powerful creative ideas that look beautiful, tell your brand's story and mean something to your audience.


Making the whole journey frictionless.

We’re talking user centric design and development irrespective of device or channel driven by insight and backed up by rigorous and agile project management – everything from websites and apps, to UX, UI and even AI.

We have brilliant minds, who are experts in their field, all under one roof. Take a deeper look at some of the ways we work and how we think…

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Our clients & our work

Our clients are local, national and global, so our work is too. From big brands to challenger companies, our clients come from a wide range of sectors, including; FMCG, Consumer Healthcare, Retails, Food and Drink, Home, Beauty, Financial Services, Education, Government and B2B.

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