Eh?…OK, let’s explain what we’re talking about.

It’s undoubtedly interesting times in the UK.

People are divided like never before, families falling out with each other and 7 out of 10 us feeling that life is, well, just unfair.

The traditional British comfort blanket of property price obsession is rapidly de-railing with the housing market being static or in decline in most parts of the UK.

But, this normally means good news for home and interiors brands as people switch from thoughts of trading up to making the most of what they’ve got through increasing space and the lure of a makeover.

Planning applications granted for new builds are at a ten-year high and permitted development applications (think extensions and dormers) are holding their own, all of which points to a buoyant market for those kitting out the home of their dreams.

However, budgets are squeezed, and Brexit uncertainty is making people delay taking the plunge on big-ticket items.  Combine this with some confusion around the role of bricks and mortar vs online retail when it comes to home and interiors purchases, and there becomes a need for clarity and engagement in our marketing.

So, what’s the answer?

Well, home and interiors brands are perfectly placed to bring some smiles and sunshine into this otherwise rather bleak world.  Delivering great consumer experiences both on and offline all wrapped up in a positive vibe.

We’d recommend championing the fact that staying in is the new going out.  Judy Garland had it right when she clicked her red shoes and said the magic words, ‘There’s no place like home’.  (I always wondered how Toto managed to go with her?!)

Celebrate all the creative and fun things that you can do at home, from baking to bonking, from making things to monkeying around.  You can have a lot more fun at home (and stay on the right side of the law!)

Seriously though, we need to inspire people to explore the world beyond their TVs, Tablets and iPhones and learn to turn a house into a home.

We need to discover the British version of Hygge that celebrates JOMO over FOMO.

We’re calling it SNUCKE.

SNUCKE  /snʊkə/ (rhymes with ducky)


The state of being cosy and comfortable, but with a heightened sense of fun, familial bonding, creative expression and generally good time vibes.

Get in touch and discover how you can get SNUCKE with your brand.