Raising awareness of Slumberdown's new bedding range

Slumberdown’s new bedding range, Truly Washable, had a strong proposition but a relatively small budget to support it. We launched their range on the back of a survey we commissioned highlighting how infrequently people wash their bedding.

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slumberdown - casestudy

In fact, 66% of the UK population throw their pillows and duvets away instead of washing them, wasting over £200m worth of bedding each year. This became the focus for an integrated PR and social media campaign.

slumberdown - casestudy

Samples were sent to high profile parenting bloggers and websites, generating lots of positive product reviews and a vlog about washing duvets and pillows. These videos were shared with their followers, across all Slumberdown social channels and on the campaign landing page.

‘Washing bedding’ became a major topic of conversation on social media, in press and on radio. And Slumberdown? They cleaned up.


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