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How we brought Hammonds its best ever sales recorded in their 93-year history.

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The Right Fit

Fitted furniture has come a long way since the days of Gran’s bedroom with hollow-core doors, woodchip wallpaper and patterned carpets. With a commitment to quality and ‘doing-things-right’, family firm Hammonds provide customers with cutting-edge design and tailor-made storage solutions from the loft all the way to the kitchen. So Gran’s bedroom becomes a distant dose of childhood nostalgia. Speaking of nostalgia, let’s flashback to 2009. Terry Wogan’s left Radio 2, Black Eyed Peas have a feeling that ‘tonight’s gonna be a good night’, every night for the entire year, and Top-Gear’s Richard Hammond is branching out into kids’ TV with ‘Blast Lab’. But this story isn’t about THAT Richard Hammond. The Richard Hammonds in question is the owner of UK’s leading fitted furniture manufacturers, Hammonds. And that’s where our story starts. What began with us creating press adverts back in 2009, has blossomed into a ten-year relationship of brand and business building as their lead agency.


Innovative businesses require innovative marketing

Being Hammonds’ full-service agency allows us to deliver the full package. Approaching the whole landscape from an agnostic perspective, rather than championing any particular channel or discipline. We are only as good as our last set of results and our task is to identify the optimum calibration for all areas of their marketing.

Bigger targets, less budget

As part of a five-year growth plan, Hammonds had a clear goal – to be better known, better appreciated, and better differentiated. Against a backdrop of a year of flat performance, and with decreasing budgets, we knew we had to be clever. Working harder and smarter to achieve their vision.


Cut to our killer media strategy

The strategy was split in two. Firstly, we wanted to capitalise on the macro benefits of advertising nationally. This would ensure we had a solid base of national coverage, reaching the Hammonds audience across the UK. The second part was rooted in mapping out the nation and cherry picking the right regions to run TV based on a strict criterion of sales data, sales potential, proximity to stores and overall media affordability. Through mapping outreach, sales potential and spend we were confident this strategy would deliver the target numbers.

Data also shows there is a huge market opportunity in London and we want to increase Hammonds’ share of this. But London is an expensive target for traditional media. So, we would get crafty and utilise Facebook’s very granular targeting to reach our audience in the capital.

All about storage

We meticulously map out our opportunities and channels, executing the campaign across all media touchpoints. Bringing everything together to demonstrate the lifestyle benefits in one holistic storage story. The modular TV ad is shot against green screen and the CGI sets in the brochure brought to life, create a seamless experience from TV to web, brochure and in-store.


Connecting the dots

With ten years comes knowledge and ten years’ worth of data meaning we know the Hammonds audience inside out. This multi-channel approach is a continuous balancing act needing continual refinement in order to get the right weighting of activity. It allows us to optimise and improve all channel efficiencies while achieving Hammond’s objectives.


We can track activity in isolation using live data reporting but connecting the dots between each channel brings the real insights. Our reporting is detailed using a live automated performance dashboard to review business performance or deep dive into the ROI of a particular region. Through the dashboard we track and monitor:


•           Business performance against targets

•           Regional and postcode performance, including regional ROI performance

•           Spot match analysis, using regional website data

•           Store level PPC tracking to attribute PPC to store performance

•           Brand metrics including search interest, impressions and YouGov data


All of which means we have a deeper understanding of which channels contribute to success, so we can dial them up and down accordingly.

Smashing Targets

We have seen huge success with Hammonds by doing things differently. Using a fully integrated media mix really works. We have surpassed targets every year and as a result they’ve grown considerably. We have become part of the Hammonds marketing team, immersing ourselves in their business, treating it, and their data, as our own, so we can recommend the best possible approach. We work tirelessly to improve channel and business performance, year on year. Ultimately, it means we care. And that’s the difference between delivering targets and smashing them. Here’s a snapshot of some of our greatest results for Hammonds over the past four years:


Grown revenue appointments by 30%

Sales revenue increased by a staggering 47%

Reduced cost per appointment by 25% while growing appointment generation

“By continuously identifying opportunities, we have now achieved the most efficient media and web performance metrics in our history with Hammonds. It’s a consequence of this performance that Hammonds has recently recorded its best ever sales years in the company’s proud 93-year history” – Caroline Simpson, Media Group Account Director

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