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Capturing Yes Moments with Lucozade Energy

As part of Lucozade Energy’s biggest ever on pack promotion the “Yes Project”, the brand partnered with Snowbombing – Europe’s biggest music festival on snow.

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Lucozode hits Snowbombing

As Lucozade Energy’s lead social and digital agency, we were there to capture “yes moments” during the adrenaline filled road trip from Dover to Mayrhofen in Austria.


Together with TV presenter Will Best, our team followed the madness and mayhem of 500 festival goers in full superhero fancy dress en route to Snowbombing. After a lot of meticulous planning back in the UK, we directed and filmed all footage using GoPros to tell the story of the journey.

Delivering the videos as close to real time as possible, we shot, edited and turned around all 5 episodic videos in 48 hours – publishing each while on the road.

The procession at Snowbombing

Deployed on Lucozade Energy’s YouTube channel, social channels and website, the videos generated well over 1 million views.

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