The kids are alright - Boosting awareness and sales for Aquaclean

Aquaclean increased sales by 24% through a perfect mix of PR, social media and press advertising.

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How do you buy a new sofa?

Wander into DFS or John Lewis? Surf around Amazon Prime it? How we make new home purchases is undergoing something of a revolution, with over 70% of people starting their journey to purchase online, whether or not they eventually buy in store. But, how to find this notoriously reclusive audience was just one of the issues fabric manufacturers, Aquaclean faced.

Who really shops at John Lewis?

Despite having an almost magical product, and a global brand, their revolutionary stain-proof fabric was only available on a handful of (mostly John Lewis) sofas. So, not only did we need to spread the word and raise awareness of what their product does, we needed to talk to a very specific audience. But, rather than being a hindrance, this would be our greatest opportunity. We discovered John Lewis shopper has a number of behaviour traits that set them apart. They are avid investigators, using blogs, interiors magazines, and social media in much larger numbers than the average person. How could we get the brand into all these places and create an impact with Aquaclean?

Print advert with boy and girl playing on a sofa

What's the big idea?

For our target audience keeping a sofa clean can be a challenge especially when their home is full of family and friends. We needed a way to disrupt this thinking and show how Aquaclean can save the day. What better way to put the product through its paces than a café full of beautiful sofas run entirely by children? Capturing the thrills and spills in our café could provide us with all the content we needed to deliver an amazing campaign. When six-year-old Josh’s casting reel came through, we knew, we could melt hearts and maybe sell some sofas.

Close-up of boy in a cafe

Working with children and animals influencers

It’s 8am, a gang of children are eager to open The Kids Kafé – a stain-proof, life-proof pop-up in the heart of Hoxton, full of beautiful Aquaclean sofas and entirely run by kids. With a host of high-flying family and interiors bloggers arriving imminently, what could possibly go wrong? Eight-year-old Emily greets the guests as they arrive. With the production manager crouched behind the counter, Josh heaves an enormous donut onto an unbreakable plate and shouts ‘Service please!’ – and we’re off. Every inch of the café is designed for ultimate Instagramability, with a glimmering donut wall, cute cupcakes and heaps of natural light, there’s no filter needed. Meanwhile downstairs, a chocolate-faced Alex and jammy-handed Sophie are having their photos taken for the press ads, in between waiting on tables.  Crumbs sprinkled, and juice spilt, the bloggers are ready for some grown-up time. Exit kids for cake decorating and enter comedy duo Scummy Mummies to put our sofas to the test with some serious stainage. Cue cleaning demo and a host of amazed bloggers keen to write about how great the brand is. By 6pm, we’ve captured the photos for our print and digital ads, plus all the footage for an infectious social media video and VOD campaign. All in a day’s work.

Award-winning results that really clean-up

And the best bit…at a time when the whole category is at a standstill, Aquaclean sales are up 24% and that’s opening doors to a whole host of new opportunities for the brand with new retailers. The campaign also won double gold at the IPM Awards 2019 in the ‘Household, Health, Beauty & Fashion’ and ‘Social Media, Digital & Direct Marketing Activation’ categories.

 483,299 views on YouTube

7,770 direct website visits

12,324,141 impressions

24% YOY sales uplift at John Lewis


IPM Award Gold Winner Badge

“Working with Brass is a pleasure. Not only was their creative thinking second-to-none, but their strategic approach, insight, planning and delivery went off without a hitch. They really got to grips with Aquaclean as a brand and our audience. The results speak for themselves.”

Javier Miro, Marketing Communications Managers

Print advert with boy and girl playing on a sofa

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