What challenges might fintech bring for B2B financial providers? But of course, fintech isn’t the only potential roadblock. Watch this video to see what we think and keep scrolling to read more about our experience within this sector.


Customers are pretty happy to let a bot advise on small transactions when it comes to handling their personal finances, but what about big financial decisions on behalf of a company? When getting financial advice in itself is expensive, B2B companies are now exploring other options to get their (and their clients’) money invested effectively. Clear user-experience guiding consumers through these new technologies allows ease of use and gives your clients the service they require without hassle. It’s the rise of the robo-investor!

Human vs. Machine

However, this raises the issue of trust. People can struggle to trust their best mate with money so how can you ensure they choose your company to invest with? It’s all well and good when bots function well, but there are limitations to the experience it can provide. It’s vital that providers are giving transparency and support through useful well-designed content. Also, strong community management that is synced with your customer service will deliver a seamless and trust-worthy experience.

The future of money

And what’s next in the world of B2B money management? Who knows. With the rate of change not seeming to slow, we could be doing transactions via eye contact before we know it. Maybe.

But what do we know? Take a look at some of our work for brands within this space. 

We’ve worked with several B2B Financial Services brands looking to make innovative choices when it comes to their marketing communications.

Westfield Health

Westfield Health is a not-for-profit health and wellbeing provider, known for their health cash plans but wanting to branch out into improving people’s overall physical and mental health through a range of education, engagement and performance driven solutions. We’ve worked on a full service integrated strategy, including: website UX, social, press advertising, media planning and PR.

The Co-operative Bank – Centrepoint Awards 2018

The Co-operative Bank is the only high-street bank with a consumer-led ethical policy. We created an emotive social campaign, leveraging the bank’s partnership with youth homelessness charity Centrepoint and the sponsorship of their 2018 awards. We produced a series of social videos to initially promote the event and then to celebrate the winners’ achievements after the event. We also carried out on-the-night community management and posted reactive content during the event.

TD Direct Investing

TD Direct Investing provide online share dealing and investing services for the self-directed investor. Rooted in insight, we created an award-winning, challenger brand idea, creative strategy and multi-channel media plan to increase awareness and deliver commercial success. The creative approach was built around three TD Direct Investing customers and their stories of personal achievement, alongside their adept ability to invest confidently by themselves with TD Direct Investing. Their individual stories were a strong platform and engaging way to draw parallels with what it takes to trade or invest by yourself, showing that when you are empowered with confidence, knowledge, commitment and support, anything is possible. To bring the strategy to life we developed a brand film, a series of customer story films, Sky News sponsorship idents, online display, pre-roll, emails, press ads and a new campaign website. Over a 12 month period we increased prompted brand awareness, website traffic and account acquisition.

Allstar Business Solutions 

Allstar Business Solutions are the leading provider of fuel cards to the UK. We were challenged with redeveloping their existing paid search strategy. With rising PPC costs in the fuel card market caused by increased competition, Allstars CPA (cost per application) had increased, resulting in increased investment and reduced results. Since starting work with Allstar in 2014, we’ve continually grown digital in-bound lead gen through PPC. We’ve surpassed targets and KPIs each year, reaching a 767% increase in application whilst reducing CPA by 46%.

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