Eco is here to stay. It’s no longer enough to be thinking about it in the future, changes need to be made now. In our video (scroll down to watch if you haven’t already) we talked how within the Household FMCG sector more and more consumers are choosing more sustainable and environmentally friendly products and brands. Consumers are also seeking out brands that help them re-use and recycle rather than create more waste – smaller actions are better than nothing. Using engaging content to explain simple ways that your customers can make changes to help the environment whilst still using their favourite products is a great way to get everyone feeling good.

So, what else poses an opportunity to make your mark?

We’re creatures of habit, but you knew that already

We’re going subscription crazy, no really, people are getting bacon delivered every month. We want our household products to arrive at our door at that critical moment when everything’s about to run out. For brands, convenience and personalisation is the key to winning their hearts and minds. Knowing your consumer inside out using data and insight will allow you to anticipate your customers’ needs. And, through direct selling, single click repeat purchase and subscriptions, you can cut costs and promote loyalty.


Keep calm and clean on 

Life is more hectic than ever, so cleaning is becoming a mindful pastime giving us a moment of peace in an otherwise busy day. Plug in the tunes and get scrubbing. Influencers such as Marie Kondo and Sophie Hinchcliffe have risen to fame within this space, making cleaning something to get excited about. ASDA even has a ‘Mrs Hinch Recommends’ section on their website. Harness this trend by finding the right influencers, to feature your products. By providing helpful and genuine information to make consumers’ lives easier, you’re building a connection with them and helping them to take control over their otherwise hectic lives.


Eyes on Amazon

Amazon seemingly have their fingers in all the pies at this point and the household sector is no exception. They are now positioning themselves as a household service provider allowing customers to book many services from a BBQ clean to a full house deep clean. Could this be the end of cleaning as we know it?  As an FMCG Household brand it’s important to keep an eye on what Amazon is up to and understand what opportunities there are to align your brand and products to drive sales.

How have we provided FMCG brands with the opportunity to flourish in this sector?


We’re currently working with German consumer battery brand, Varta, handling their social media and PR activity. We used colourful creative to visually engage the viewer by drawing on the emotional connection they have to the items driven by batteries. After only four months we’ve achieved some great results including the social campaign reaching over 5 million people, and the PR campaign gaining 58 pieces of PR coverage with 169 brand mentions.

Varta Batteries Campaign Images


We worked with cleaning product brand, Astonish, being responsibility for their digital marketing and social strategy. We also developed the brands’ online branding, new website and social media content. Our goal was to drive awareness, land the USPs, drive purchase and get consumers to be part of Astonish’s movement through confident and artistic creative.

Astonish Social Images


We worked with Bayer across their product portfolio on projects encompassing insight, sales promotions, POS, advertising and promotional videos. Initially supporting them with brand planning including definition of shopper and digital strategies we went on to delivery press advertising across the garden product range, numerous product demonstration videos and cash-back or satisfaction guaranteed sale promotions.

Bayer Campaign Images


As part of a larger marketing campaign including TV advertising, we were challenged with engaging users online to build awareness of Sanex Zero% and get consumers to trial. Rather than just online activity we presented a route base on blogger engagement that included experiential activity – Sanex Living Sculptures. We identified key bloggers and hosted an event on London’s South Bank to engage them and create PR opportunities.

Sanex Zero Event Images

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