With the house buying market uncertain, consumers are investing more in home improvements to make their little corner of the world the best it can be. Watch our video on how home and interior brands can make the most of this opportunity by improving their consumer experience.

At Brass, we’re excited about how the home and interior industry is going to evolve and have been working with some amazing brands to help them make the most of this innovative sector. Have a read of our experience below.


Three images from the Aquaclean Kid Kafé campaign.

Aquaclean is an innovative stain-proof sofa fabric. Awareness of the brand amongst UK consumers was low and stockists were limited. We were tasked to change this by raising brand awareness and create some creative video content for digital channels that would make people ask for Aquaclean in store when next buying a sofa.

Introducing… the Kid Kafé, the UK’s first café ran entirely by kids.

In trendy Hoxton, London, we let the good times spill and gave a team of kids a café and four sofas to take charge of. And believe us – the sofas took quite the battering!

The results

  • The content from the shoot led to over 12m media impressions
  • We reached over 235,000 with targeted influencer audiences
  • The campaign saw an upward trend in branch searches and 7.7k direct website visits



Three images from the Hammonds TV advertisement.

Hammonds is a family business with over 90 years’ furniture making experience and is one of the largest players in its sector with sales over £80 million pa. We’ve worked with Hammonds since 2010 and our role has evolved greatly, going from a buyer of press media to being in charge of the company’s entire marketing budget. We plan and buy across a range of media including PPC, TV and doordrops. We’re also responsible for creative content, the Hammonds website and also organic traffic.


Harrison Spinks

Harrison the sheep and one other campaign image from Harrison Spinks.

Harrison Spinks is a Leeds-based family business founded in 1840 making beds and mattresses and supplying to retailers such as John Lewis, Dreams and Furniture Village.

We were commissioned to produce a TV campaign, in addition to offline assets such as press ads, POS and livery. As this was Harrison Spink’s first ever B2C campaign in their 180-year history, they needed a creative concept that was going to stand out and catch people’s attention. So, we created Harrison the sheep, to showcase that Harrison Spinks is the only bedmaker in the world to own their own farm where they rear sheep and grow the natural fillings for their mattresses.

The results

It’s still early days to assess the full impact of the advert, but so far…

  • 82% found the advert easy to understand – this is great as the story is quite dense and detailed
  • 61% general consideration for the brand for mattress buyers
  • The ad scored well on memorability

The 30″ advert has over 1.4m views on their YouTube channel and the 50″ advert has over 700k views. Pretty impressive traffic for a channel with only 226 subscribers!


Dowsing & Reynolds

Three images from Dowsing and Reynolds.

Dowsing and Reynolds is a leading e-commerce brand in lighting and home hardware.

We have worked with Dowsing and Reynolds since their inception. From their name to their total consumer experience (including outstanding packaging design) through to evolving their consumer proposition, supporting their marketing strategy, team and tactics. This has enabled them to become a leading challenger brand in lighting and home hardware, picking up lots of TV and press coverage, scooping multiple e-commerce awards and delivering 100% year on year growth for the last four years.