At Brass, we work with brands in every category of food and drink – from chocolate to soft drinks, cakes to sweets. We understand how in this category, brands need to quickly adapt to keep on top of ever-changing trends, while staying true to their values. Here are our top tips for success in today’s food and drink industry.

Stop, Collaborate & Listen

Tailor activity to retailers to nurture deeper relationships. By tweaking activity to ensure it’s personalised to the retailer, deeper relationships are formed. Use insight to really understand each retailer’s shopper behaviours and their media toolkits to create bespoke excellence.

Be Bold with NPD

Have confidence in your NPD and back up any decision with robust insight. By researching and testing your proposition, it’ll be clear to see whether your target audience really want the new product and value the change.

Big Budget Doesn’t Always Mean Big Impact

Spending loads but not seeing big results? Harness the challenger brand mentality and think innovatively and outside the box. Get people talking about your campaign and half the battle is won, don’t forget the power of chitchat.

Standout not Standard 

What does your campaign smell like? Cut through the constant noise consumers’ are exposed to by considering how you can make your campaign different. Creative should be bold and inventive. Make the whole customer journey unforgettable.

Let’s Get Digital

Mobile is the way forward. If you’re not fully immersed, then you’re not maximising your marketing. Shoppers are scrolling on their smartphones all day long so create mobile content that will make people stop and stare, taking the time to hear, read and act on your message.

Move Over Nigella, Alexa’s in Town

Digital assistants like Alexa are taking over, giving us recipe inspiration and becoming our own personal sous chefs. Brands should make the most of voice activated devices to improve consumers’ experience. Have you got a digital side kick?

No Carbs Before Marbs, Unless you Track Them

We’ve all been on a fad diet and they don’t work, right? Enter digital tech. Wearables and AI are revolutionising weight management. Create a full consumer experience with service additions such as apps and nutrition programmes, adding value to your product.

Be a Bit Psychic

Make life easier for your consumers. Subscription services are on the rise as they allow you to create a really personalised experience for the consumer, fitting it in with their needs and saving them time and money.

A Sprinkle of Aldi and a Spoonful of Waitrose

It can be a challenge to maintain brand loyalty within the food and drink industry. Consumers swap between shops for different needs, so make sure you’re talking to everyone, not just your biggest fans.

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