From the gallery to the garden. Our environmental policy keeps us green

Our environmental policy applies to all of our activities, products and services.

We recognise our responsibility towards protecting the environment. We aim to:

  • ensure that our impact on the environment complies with any legislation and regulations, which may apply to our activities; and
  • maintain our commitment to providing high quality marketing solutions.

We endeavour to monitor pollutants from all media, and wherever possible, take measures to reduce their detrimental effects on the environment to ensure compliance with legislation.

We adopt specific measures to enhance the quality of the environment through our positive policy on health in the workplace, control of pollution and care of the local environment.

  • Our Environmental Management Policy is determined by our Board of Directors and senior members of our Operations Team. The overall responsibility for ensuring that the Environmental Management Policy is implemented, developed and reviewed effectively rests with our Chairman/Chief Executive and will be delegated throughout our management structure, reflecting the continued commitment to high quality marketing solutions throughout Brass.

We aim for continual improvement in our environmental performance by the development, implementation and maintenance of a documented Environmental Management System, which reflects the following key policy principles:

  • Setting clear environmental objectives and regularly monitoring progress against them.
  • Recognising that the minimum acceptable level of environmental performance is that stipulated in environmental legislation.
  • Seeking to reduce the pollution of air, water and land that may result as a consequence of our activities wherever practicable.
  • Facilitating the responsible management and efficient use of energy and water.
  • Promoting the minimisation of waste generated, and reducing any environmental impact by its responsible disposal.
  • Adopting a purchasing policy that takes account of the environmental performance of suppliers, goods and services.
  • Preserving natural resources, and wherever practicable utilising supplies obtained from sustainable resources.
  • Ensuring that service and building developments are sensitive to visual amenity, and their ecological impact on natural wildlife habitats and the local community.
  • Providing suitable environmental training for appropriate personnel and promoting the general environmental awareness of all staff.
  • Communicating our environmental performance to staff, visitors, government agencies and other interested parties.