Trends are great, they provide inspiration, they aren’t necessarily where we’d be placing all our bets just yet, but they do show the factors that will start to influence consumer choices. So, what trends are we keeping our eye on this year in the world of home and interiors?

Reality Bites

In spite of consumers using AR everyday with tools like Snapchat Filters, a mainstream commercial application still seems a long way away.  IKEA Place is still only showing 100,000 downloads for Android despite it being a year since its launch.  While AR really is a no-brainer for visualising the impact of furniture, paint, art, rugs, curtains and blinds in your home, it’s still a step too far for your average consumer.

Buying things is so 2010

Generation Rent are screaming out for new ways of buying furniture whilst ticking a massive ‘sustainability’ shaped box.  Ikea are leading the way with their first rented furniture trial.

Craft vs Consumerism

At the same time bigger waves could see brand new design movements like a resurgence of a neo-arts and crafts movement as a backlash to disposable consumerism and a return to authentic, crafted goods with real provenance.  This may have as much to do with sustainability and recycle-ability in the supply chain as it does with a design ethos. We see this manifested for consumers in shows that range from Bake-Off, through to The Great Pottery Showdown through to the recent BBC show The Victorian Arts and Crafts Home.

Get Smart

Smart Homes will continue to build traction – with retailers taking the lead on collaborations with manufacturers.  Again, IKEA are at the forefront with the collaboration with SONOS.  Smart Home tech is still embryonic in its use with mainstream audiences, but the involvement of major retailers alongside their manufacturers could start to increase momentum.

Get Even Smarter

And just when you thought Smart Home technologies were mainly going to focus on entertainment and security, IKEA bring in another dimension of climate consciousness.  And this particular innovation isn’t about digital/electronic tech but about materials design.

The Biggest Trend of All?

Well, this one isn’t surprising at all.  The things that drove the biggest sales spikes for John Lewis in 2018?  Real world events like The World Cup and The Royal Wedding, The weather and not forgetting Love Island.  Read all about it and much more in the brilliant John Lewis Retail Report.

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