Brass, the Leeds-based marketing agency, has increased its mobile marketing offering, with the appointment of Sam Watson to the newly created ‘Head of Mobile’ role.

The introduction of the new position marks an increased investment by Brass into mobile as a primary portal in delivering great consumer experiences. Brass already offers mobile marketing, but now plans to provide further expertise into its technology and applications as an integral part of its customer acquisition, content and UX strategy.

“In today’s omni-channel world, mobile has become the ‘go to’ technology for brands wanting to seamlessly connect and engage with their audiences. Mobile functionality now allows for truly personal and unique experiences. Whether using biometric tools, utilising proximity and location, or creating experiences that blend virtual and real worlds – the opportunity for both brands and customers to create individual customer experiences is now enormous.

“We decided that the time was right to further invest in mobile as a central part of our agency offering, both as a stand-alone service, and as an integrated touch-point within the customer journey.”

Paul Mallett
Brass Managing Partner

Sam Watson as new Brass Head of Mobile
John Morgan and Paul Mallett welcome Sam Watson as new Brass Head of Mobile

Key to the new Head of Mobile position will be establishing the role, functionality and benefits of mobile within the Brass agency service offering.  Discussing his new role, Sam has already identified several key areas where he is keen to share his expertise:

“In addition to offering stand-alone mobile-centric services Brass offers total integration of mobile into the customer journey; both as a marketing tool, and as a communications portal. This, for me, is a really exciting opportunity as Brass’ philosophy for all work is centred around Consumer Experience meaning the opportunities are endless for mobile solutions, be that short burst campaigns or helping clients reshape their offering with mobile at the heart of the strategy.

“It’s great to come back at a time when Brass is flourishing with new client and award wins, the atmosphere in the work place is exciting and every department has mobile on their agenda so I am going to be very busy here.”

Sam Watson
Brass Head of Mobile

Sam is no stranger to Brass, having started his agency career as an Account Manager at the agency in 2009. This was followed by positions at Digital Welly and twentysix, where he further specialised in the digital and mobile marketing, before returning to Brass, bringing his extensive wealth of industry experience in mobile marketing with him

“We’re thrilled that Sam has returned to Brass, he has started to make a strong contribution to our business. We are confident that Sam’s extensive mobile and digital expertise will benefit our clients moving forwards.”

John Morgan
Brass CEO