Brass has worked with Ribena to create an animated doodle app, whereby consumers are invited to doodle their world and make it more #Ribenary. Bringing the brand even closer to consumers.

Ribena’s 2016 campaign, saw the one day pop up in Covent Garden – The Ribena Colouring Café – open its doors and invite consumers to spend an hour colouring in part of a 120 tile mural. Read all about how we delivered that project  here!

2017 has seen Brass has produce a new interactive app for Ribena which invites consumers to doodle their world with the first mobile app for Ribena. The recently launched app, allows all consumers to make their world more #Ribenary by adding animated doodles to their photos and videos and sharing across social channels.

Using the new app to scan their environment, fans can create video content and doodle on their surroundings with a series of sharable Ribenary characters. To make their world more ‘Ribenary’, additional doodles can be activated by scanning new interactive Ribena bottles and packs.

The app, which has been ideated and designed by Brass, uses cutting edge SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology. It’s the same tech used in driverless cars, which use spatial awareness to map the environment.

Want to know more? Watch our video!

It’s been exciting designing Ribena’s first branded mobile app. We wanted to create a very personal Ribena brand experience that linked the bottle in your hand to the mobile in your pocket. By bringing together great content with cutting edge SLAM based 3D tracking technology, we’ve designed a unique augmented reality app that will excite and delight consumers in an unmistakeably Ribenary way

Andrew Brown, Creative Director Brass

For me working with the latest technology is always exciting, and this project used some truly groundbreaking technology! Add this to one of the largest soft drinks brands in the country and it’s a recipe for a truly exciting and inspiring project to be involved in!

Sam Watson, Head of Mobile Brass

The app has been launched and is available for download on Google play and Apple store and is supported by a major multi-channel campaign.