The new customer-centric website created by Brass for PPE manufacturer, Polyco launched this week. Developed around the online customer and their specific product needs, the mobile optimised B2B site has been specifically designed to deal with complex multi-user journeys.

Brass, the Leeds based integrated marketing agency, developed a bespoke product database to allow online visitors to select their own product journey. The hero of the new site is the unique powerful product search experience, enabling visitors to find products, based on a varying degree of selection criteria.


Polyco website
New Polyco Website designed by Brass

In addition to the seamless customer journey and powerful search functionality, the stylish creative, coupled with exceptionally high-quality Polyco product photography, positions this site as one of the most intuitive and dynamic within the B2B protective clothing industry.

Jonathan Price, Brass Digital Solutions Director, commented:

“The phenomenal effort during the planning stages, coupled with a brand new creative approach has really paid off. The result is a dynamic, customer-led website that delivers both on style and functionality.”

Mark Bernard, Chief Customer Experience Officer for Polyco, commented:

“We worked very hard to tailor the search function to our customers’ needs and make it easier and faster for them to find what they want. Usability is key – if your customers can’t use your site, they won’t return.”

The launch of the new Polyco website is only the first stage of development, with more functionality and transactional capabilities scheduled for release over the next 12 months. Brass will continue to work with Polyco as its retained agency, providing service expertise in design and digital marketing.

Polyco gloves mobile website
Database driven Polyco Website designed by Brass

The new Polyco website can be found at