Paul gives his insight on the importance of maintaining a consistent brand experience across every possible touchpoint

So, I’m a digital guy. I’ve always been digital since the mid-90s when I built Heinz’ first set of websites. I knew nothing about brands back then – but I knew how to code and animate and do clever things with databases.
I’ve been lucky though – 10 years on Heinz brands, 5 years on P&G brands, 13 years on GSK brands not to mention 9 years on Ribena – has taught me all about brands and why supporting them, evolving them, but never breaking them is critical in growing market share and launching new products.

While it has always been clear that brands are also important for less established companies and less sexy categories where direct to consumer channels have more impact, the data hasn’t always been there to prove it.

Source – Econsultancy

This piece of research in Econsultancy throws a bit of light onto the problem. Your brand is critical in driving clicks! Yes, your product and pricing still needs to deliver, but unless you invest in your brand, nobody is going to see your product.

And by brand, what do I mean?

Well, it’s a consistent, repetitive set of visuals, values, verbs, emotional and sensory stimulus (sorry couldn’t think of another V) delivered frequently and at every touchpoint, you can.

Put simply your brand is an experience. By defining that experience you unlock new opportunities to engage across many, many channels and repeatedly build recognition and deeper sub-conscious engagement with your audience. And when you do this, you earn the right to be noticed, clicked, valued and bought – in fact, the possibilities are endless.

So, guess what? At Brass, we’re very good at this. Put us on your pitch list and let us share in the excitement of where you and your brand can go next.