At Brass, we’re driven by data and insight. We’ve taken a deep dive into the beer, wine and spirits category to see what millennials really want and how they shop when it comes to tackling the alcohol aisle.

We’ve picked out some of the most intriguing insights to keep in mind if you’re looking to boost your brand’s reputation within this audience.

Stand out in-store

A shopper goes about their weekly shop… they fancy a tipple tonight and what’s that? Your brand literally stops them in their tracks. 1 in 3 like to try new products that they see in-store, and engaging packaging is a bonus amongst millennials so create something show-stopping. Even better, give them a drink on the house! 50% say trying before they buy would encourage purchase.

Don’t like it? Don’t pay.

Be confident about your taste claims, they’re the most encouraging way to get consumers to try a new product. Offering a money back guarantee on a new product provides the consumer with a reason to try without commitment. With a simple user journey and by specifying that no app needs to be downloaded, consumers trust that they’ll get their refund with no hassle, ensuring no reputational damage.

Who’s shouting about your drink?

Millennials chat 24/7, and if people are chatting about your product for the right reasons, it’ll be flying off shelves and onto Instagram stories. A recommendation from a friend is worth its weight in gold and has a huge impact on purchasing decisions, 43% of people say so. Get your brand in conversations on social media too; lead the positive conversation and reap the rewards.

To buy or not to buy?

…that is the question and millennials know the answer. 52% of millennial shoppers are on a specific mission to buy alcohol when they head to the shop. On the other hand, 1 in 2 shoppers avoid the alcohol aisle entirely. It’s not about the money, it’s about the overall quality and experience of the brand. Think about how you can make a lasting impression and gain brand loyalty.

We’ve got more to share. Get in touch to find out what other insights we’ve discovered and how we could use these to help your brand become millennials’ brand of choice.

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